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Our Story

Handmade ceramics in honour of Olive Fitzpatrick

Welcome to Olive & Kin, I’m Hannah. The Olive & Kin story starts with a really tough chapter. Just a few days after our daughter Olive was born and passed away, I found myself trying to make sense of it all. I wrote down my thoughts and somehow, even in those dark times, I saw something beautiful in the pain.

Olive & Kin is what grew from that. I couldn’t find the right urn for Olive, so I made one. That moment sparked something in me. I realised I could help others with my pottery, turning my grief into something that can offer a bit of comfort to people who feel this same kind of loss. I made a few urns for people I knew or had met in the aftermath of having Olive and it has just grown and grown.

It’s weird but true—after having Olive, I started to see the world differently. It’s like she showed me there’s still beauty and kindness out there, in the people I meet and the small moments that bring joy.

I’m also a mum to Billie, who’s three and keeps us busy and makes us laugh, and a wife to Ben who is the most supportive partner I could ask for. My journey has been up and down, and I share it all—the happy, the silly, and the sad. Because that’s life, and it’s okay to feel it all.

2023 was quite rough! We faced a lot, from the excitement of expecting Olive to the heartbreak of losing her, and then some ongoing health problems (I’m fine now!). But through it all, I found glimmers of hope—getting back to pottery, finding peace in simple breaths, connecting with amazing people, and starting Olive & Kin.

Here’s to moving forward, finding more glimmers, and making something beautiful out of our stories.

Thank you for being here with me


Our story wouldn't be complete without mentioning the huge amount of support I've had. I can't not mention Hannah, Lucy and Nina.

Hannah Dell

Hannah has donated her time, funds and expertise to build this entire website. I am so grateful for her time and patience! Hannah helps in honour of her baby boy Bodhi who passed away at seven weeks old in 2024. You can follow her here or email her with work questions.

Nina Reynolds

Nina is a northern beaches ceramicist and teacher who offers a firing service. Her generosity has blown me away, she fires every urn and baby loss item free of charge. I regularly pay forward urns in her name. You can follow her here.

Lucy Harrington

Lucy donates an urn every month and also made a very generous donation of $1000 which has paid for and continues to pay for the packaging and postage of every urn. This is all in honour of her twin girls, Audrey & Florence who were born still at 32 weeks.